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  • Sweet Batman Groom’s Cake

    Sweet Batman Groom’s Cake

    The whole marriage thing doesn’t really appeal to me for a variety of reasons but I have to admit, there is part of me that occasionally thinks about what it would be like to have a really geeky wedding.  I have long thought it would be cool to have a Klingon wedding (. ” href=”http://globalgeeknews.com/2012/10/25/britains-first-klingon-wedding-video/” […]

  • These His and Hers Star Wars Wedding Rings are Amazing! [pic]

    Should the day ever come that I decide to get married, the one thing that I am not looking forward to is wearing a ring.  I have nothing against wedding rings, I am just not a fan of wearing something like that on my finger.  I don’t mind wearing it around my neck as a […]

  • A Gallifreyan Wedding for the Ultimate Doctor Who Fans [pics + video]

    Ever since I saw the Klingon wedding ceremony between Worf and Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I always thought I wanted to have a Klingon wedding someday.  While I would still love to have a Klingon wedding, I have to admit that a Doctor Who themed Gallifreyan wedding like the one below […]

  • Adorable Star Wars Wedding Cake [pic]

    Most of the Star Wars wedding cakes I have posted on Global Geek News in the past have taken the from of a Death Star wedding cake or a Millennium Falcon wedding cake.  Well, this one is a little different which I think is a good thing because it gives the wedding cake a little […]

  • Spectacular Minecraft Wedding Cake [pic]

    Despite how much people seem to enjoy Minecraft and all of the awesome creations I have seen people make in the game, I still have no real desire to try the game.  It just doesn’t look that interesting to me as I am not one to care about building really cool stuff (I just don’t […]

  • This R2-D2 Engagement Ring is the Droid You are Looking For! [pic]

    If past posts on here are any indication, there are few things more special than when a geek gets in touch with their romantic side and does something special to propose to that special someone in their life.  While I enjoy the geeky proposal videos that are sure to bring a tear to anybody’s eye, […]