A Gallifreyan Wedding for the Ultimate Doctor Who Fans [pics + video]

Ever since I saw the Klingon wedding ceremony between Worf and Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I always thought I wanted to have a Klingon wedding someday.  While I would still love to have a Klingon wedding, I have to admit that a Doctor Who themed Gallifreyan wedding like the one below seems like it would be a fantastic idea too!

Jennifer Anderson and Edward Winterrose are a couple of huge Doctor Who fans that are not only madly in love with not only Doctor Who, but with each other.
Apparently they decided to get married earlier this year at Dragon*Con in a Gallifreyan wedding ceremony featuring the two of them in their Gallifreyan cosplay and a TARDIS in the background.

If that wasn’t enough, these lovebird Whovians also had a pretty epic Doctor Who wedding cake and Doctor Who inspired wedding invitations!

I wish Jennifer and Edward at least 11 lifetimes of happiness!

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Gallifreyan Wedding
Doctor Who Gallifreyan Wedding
Gallifreyan Wedding Cake
Doctor Who Gallifreyan Wedding Cake
Gallifreyan Wedding Invitation and Cake
Doctor Who Gallifreyan Wedding Invitation and Cake

[Source:  WinterRoseASFR via Nerd Approved]


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