These His and Hers Star Wars Wedding Rings are Amazing! [pic]

Should the day ever come that I decide to get married, the one thing that I am not looking forward to is wearing a ring.  I have nothing against wedding rings, I am just not a fan of wearing something like that on my finger.  I don’t mind wearing it around my neck as a necklace or something, I just don’t want one around my finger.  Well, if I did have to wear a ring, I wouldn’t mind one of these awesome Star Wars wedding rings quite as much as a plain wedding band.

Etsy seller SwankMetalsmithing is selling these awesome Star Wars wedding rings!  While the pair below is already spoken for by some lucky lady named Chandra, they do take custom orders so don’t feel like you are too!  The prices vary depending on exactly what you want so I have posted the prices below in case you are interested.  Even if you aren’t in the market to buy these rings, you can still enjoy looking at the picture!

Sterling silver – $325 each ring

14k white/yellow/rose/green gold – $1050 (up to size 11) each ring

14k Palladium white gold – $1250 (up to size 11) each ring

Platinum – $3000, each ring

Stones are $75 each

Engraving is $65 per ring

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Star Wars Wedding Rings
Star Wars Wedding Rings

[Source:  Etsy via Obvious Winner]






2 responses to “These His and Hers Star Wars Wedding Rings are Amazing! [pic]”

  1. Mike Hussy Avatar
    Mike Hussy

    Wedding day is one of the memorable and special days of every groom’s
    life and everyone wants to make such day so much special by having a
    very special wedding ring sets

  2. Sylvia Jordan Avatar
    Sylvia Jordan

    Unique wedding rings uk always tickle my fancy and Star Wars inspired jewellery tops the list. Thanks! I think my boyfriend will love to get this for me considering that I’m a Star Wars fan.

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