This R2-D2 Engagement Ring is the Droid You are Looking For! [pic]

If past posts on here are any indication, there are few things more special than when a geek gets in touch with their romantic side and does something special to propose to that special someone in their life.  While I enjoy the geeky proposal videos that are sure to bring a tear to anybody’s eye, I find that I am usually more interested in the associated jewelry or its box.

In the past, I have posted some cool science fiction inspired engagement rings including a Stargate engagement ring and a TARDIS engagement ring, but nothing from the world of Star Wars.

In this particular case, one Star Wars fans proposed to his girlfriend with an amazing custom R2-D2 engagement ring!

Joe proposed to his girlfriend Emily with this amazing R2-D2 engagement ring designed by Paul Mitchell Design and made by CustomMade.  For more pictures of the initial design, the proposal story and the accompanying video, hit the source link below (I especially recommend it if you are a fan of the Peanuts cartoon but I won’t spoil the surprise).

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Star Wars R2-D2 Engagement Ring
R2-D2 Engagement Ring

[Source:  CustomMade via Geekologie]

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