Star Wars AT-ST Treehouse [pic]

We never had any trees when I was a kid so I never got to experience the whole treehouse thing growing up despite the fact that I would have loved to after just seeing them in movies and on tv shows.  For those that have a tree and are thinking about building a treehouse for yourself or your kids (I know you secretly want to use it too), then perhaps you should give some thought to building a Star Wars AT-ST treehouse like this one!  It seems to be a bit on the small side but I suppose you could always go for an AT-AT treehouse if that is too small for you.  If you have a geeky treehouse, let us know at pcnerd37 [at]

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Star Wars AT-ST Treehouse
Star Wars AT-ST Treehouse

[via Neatorama]






2 responses to “Star Wars AT-ST Treehouse [pic]”

  1. Jeff T Avatar

    hahaha cool!

  2. pcnerd37 Avatar

    Glad you like it!

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