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  • Video Game Controller Christmas Tree Ornament Set

    Video Game Controller Christmas Tree Ornament Set

    Normally, I am usually the first person you will hear complaining about any talk of Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I thought I would make an exception for this awesome ornament set since many people put up their Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving (after they are done shopping of course) and I want to make […]

  • Impressive Calvin and Hobbes Fence Painting [pic]

    One of my favorite comics as a kid was always Calvin and Hobbes.  It always seemed to be clever and funny when cartoons like Garfield started to feel stale.  Despite the fact that I haven’t read my Calvin and Hobbes since it stopped being included in our local newspaper, it is still one of my […]

  • Portal Christmas Tree [pic]

    I’ve seen and posted some pretty amazing gaming Christmas trees but this one is perhaps the most genius.  I don’t think I am near clever enough to come up with the idea of having a Christmas tree stick into the floor into a portal and come out of the ceiling.  As awesome as this is, […]

  • Star Wars AT-ST Treehouse [pic]

    We never had any trees when I was a kid so I never got to experience the whole treehouse thing growing up despite the fact that I would have loved to after just seeing them in movies and on tv shows.  For those that have a tree and are thinking about building a treehouse for […]

  • Star Wars Showdown at the Cantina Christmas Ornament [pic]

    I’m not one to really get into the holidays for a variety of reasons, but I do always enjoy looking at the Hallmark Christmas tree ornaments whenever I happen to walk by a Hallmark store.  I’ve seen some pretty awesome Star Trek related Christmas tree ornaments from them in the past but this Showdown at […]