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  • Insane Star Wars Home Theater

    Insane Star Wars Home Theater

    As I gradually get settled into my new job (or at least start to get an idea for what the job is going to be like), I think I’m finally finding where in my schedule I can make time for Global Geek News which is why this is the second post this week with hopefully […]

  • Man Creates $120,000 Batcave Home Theater in Basement [video]

    If I ever get around to cleaning all of the crap out of my basement, I’d like to put in a nice home theater setup.  Of course as long as we celebrate Christmas at my house, I don’t see that happening since half the basement is filled with Christmas decorations but a guy can dream.  […]

  • Lightsaber Through the Neck Tattoo [pic]

    Of all of the body parts you might want to have a lightsaber stuck through (which is hopefully none), one of the worst places would have to be the neck.  Not only would it be an almost certain death, I think it would be a little humiliating because if you get stabbed in the neck, […]

  • This TARDIS Snuggie is Fantastic [pic]

    There are few things I enjoy more than relaxing in my bedroom, covered up with one of my snuggies (I have two) and watching some Doctor Who.  Well, if there is one thing that would make that experience even better, it would be if my snuggie looked like the TARDIS.  It seems I am not […]

  • TARDIS Wrist Warmers [pic]

    Having never had the issue of cold wrists, I have never understood the purpose of wrist warmers.  I suppose that could possibly be because I am a guy and I have only seen women wear them, but it still seems kind of odd to me.  However, while most of the ones I have seen have […]

  • Awesome Star Wars AT-AT cake [pic]

    I could be wrong, but judging by all of the amazing Star Wars cakes I have posted in the past, it seems like a logical conclusion to say that Star Wars fans are also huge cake lovers. In the past, I have posted a couple of cool AT-AT cakes including a kind of squished looking […]