Lightsaber Through the Neck Tattoo [pic]

Of all of the body parts you might want to have a lightsaber stuck through (which is hopefully none), one of the worst places would have to be the neck.  Not only would it be an almost certain death, I think it would be a little humiliating because if you get stabbed in the neck, you obviously don’t know to do battle with lightsabers.  However, as a tattoo, a lightsaber though the neck turns out to be a pretty cool idea!

This very well done lightsaber through the neck tattoo was inked by Rick Tattoo in London.  I think it turned out looking quite nice although I can’t help but feel there should be more of a glow around the lightsaber however it is a lovely shade of red.

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Lightsaber Through the Neck Tattoo
Star Wars Lightsaber Through the Neck Tattoo

[Source:  Rick Tattoo]






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