Star Wars Home Theater Imperial Cinema

Insane Star Wars Home Theater

As I gradually get settled into my new job (or at least start to get an idea for what the job is going to be like), I think I’m finally finding where in my schedule I can make time for Global Geek News which is why this is the second post this week with hopefully more to come.  That said, lets get to the point of why you clicked on this post because I know you care a lot more about seeing this insane Star Wars home theater than you do about me!

A couple of days ago I was wasting time on Facebook when these pictures of an insane Star Wars home theater came across my feed.  According to the caption, these Star Wars home theater pictures known as the Imperial Cinema come from a Stephan Hammel.  Whether Stephan designed it or built it or just owns it, I have no idea since there was no other information in the post but whatever his role, congrats to him on this amazing Star Wars themed home theater!

Since there was no other information, I have no idea how long this took to build or how much it cost or anything but it definitely looks like it was worth every bit of blood, sweat, tears and cash that went into creating it.  This is every Star Wars fans dream!

I would definitely put this up there with some of the incredible home theaters I’ve posted before like the $1.5 million Star Trek home theater and the absolutely insane Batman Dark Knight home theater.  Although if its just Star Wars that you love then I have posted another amazing Star Wars themed home theater in the past too.

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Star Wars Home Theater Imperial Cinema

Star Wars Home Theater Imperial Cinema

Star Wars Home Theater Imperial Cinema


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