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  • Mini Star Wars AT-ST Models Made from Popsicle Sticks [pic]

    I remember as a kid that a lot of people would collect Popsicle sticks to do arts and crafts but unless I had to do stuff like that in school or something, I never really messed with them as I wasn’t the arts and crafts type.  After I finished eating a Popsicle, I would enjoy […]

  • This Star Wars AT-ST Walker Costume is Amazing! [pic + video]

    Last year, I posted a some cool Star Wars AT-ST cosplay, and while I still think it was pretty great, this AT-ST walker costume absolutely blows it out of the water!  This is truly the ultimate Star Wars AT-ST costume!  This will be winning all of the Halloween costume contests this year! This mind blowing […]

  • Star Wars AT-ST Cat Playhouse [pic + video]

    Being a big cat lover, I always enjoy posting about the various geeky cat playhouses and cat trees that people create.  In the past, I have posted a really cool Star Trek cat tree, a Doctor Who TARDIS cat playhouse and even an Star Wars AT-AT cat playhouse.  Well, this Star Wars AT-ST would make […]

  • Star Wars AT-ST Treehouse [pic]

    We never had any trees when I was a kid so I never got to experience the whole treehouse thing growing up despite the fact that I would have loved to after just seeing them in movies and on tv shows.  For those that have a tree and are thinking about building a treehouse for […]

  • Star Wars AT-ST Walker Cosplay [pic]

    Still looking for some Halloween costume ideas?  Perhaps you should do like this guy and dress up like an AT-ST walker from Star Wars!  It may not be as big as the last AT-ST cosplay I posted, but at least it seems a bit more practical.  Anybody who shows up at my door wearing an […]

  • Star Wars AT-ST Cosplay [pic]

    It isn’t the first time I have seen a Star Wars fan dress up in vehicle cosplay (check out the Star Wars speeder bike cosplay), but this might be the most awesome.  This guy was apparently spotted walking around a hotel dressed as an AT-ST.  Something tells me with a costume that tall, he is […]