Star Wars AT-ST Cosplay [pic]

It isn’t the first time I have seen a Star Wars fan dress up in vehicle cosplay (check out the Star Wars speeder bike cosplay), but this might be the most awesome.  This guy was apparently spotted walking around a hotel dressed as an AT-ST.  Something tells me with a costume that tall, he is going to have a real problem getting through doors and has little hope of being able to use an elevator to get to his room.  I bet some people had to do a double-take when they saw this walking down the hall!

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Star Wars AT-ST Cosplay
Star Wars AT-ST Cosplay

[Source:  Flickr via Fashionably Geek]



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2 responses to “Star Wars AT-ST Cosplay [pic]”

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  2. […] year, I posted a some cool Star Wars AT-ST cosplay, and while I still think it was pretty great, this AT-ST walker costume absolutely blows it out of […]

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