Mega Man Knit Chuck Taylor Sneakers [pic]

I may have mentioned this when I posted the awesome Super Mario Bros Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers but I have never been a fan of the design of Chuck Taylor shoes.  I just think they look ugly and cheap.  I stick to New Balance shoes myself.  Anyway, for $120, you can purchase these amazing Mega Man knit Chuck Taylor shoes off of Etsy!  The picture and description are below but I think it is safe to say these look really cool!  As somebody who has been a fan of Mega Man most of my life, I can admit that I kind of want these, even if I do hate the Chuck Taylor sneaker design.

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Mega Man Knit Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers
Mega Man Knit Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers


These are new Converse high tops. Megaman appears on the outside of each shoe. The uppers are hand knit in 100% superwash wool and are hand-stitched to the canvas shoes. The shoes sport the classic white sole and black tongue.

[via Fashionably Geek]