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  • Amazing Knitted Borg Hat [pics]

    I’ve posted a lot of great knitted hats on here before that are all super geeky, but this knitted Borg hat blows all of them out of the water.  Actually, I am probably more inclined to call this a mask more than a normal hat but it could go either way I guess.  No matter […]

  • R2-D2 Beanie Hat [pic]

    When it comes to what I wear on my head, I am a baseball cap person and always have been  (currently I am wearing the Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest Hat).  They may not be as warm as hats like this one, but since my eyes are so sensitive to light, I need something that […]

  • Knit Your Own Death Star [pic]

    Even as a kid, I always hated having to do arts and crafts type stuff.  Whether it was at school or church or wherever, I would have preferred to be playing video games rather than making something ugly out of noodles and string.  Well, for those that are not like me and love to do […]

  • Cute Team Fortress 2 Plushies [pics]

    I’ve never been one to collect plushies but I will admit these Team Fortress 2 plushies are pretty cool.  Being a huge TF2 fan, I kind of want these but I really don’t know where I would put them because I have more crap than I need as it is!  Anyway, DeviantART user krowzivitch is […]

  • Knitted Doctor Who TARDIS Socks [pic]

    When it comes to items of clothing that you can make look really geeky, I never really think much about socks.  After seeing these awesome Doctor Who TARDIS knitted socks, I think I am going to have to give them some thought more often.  You never know what kind of geeky socks I might be […]

  • Mega Man Knit Chuck Taylor Sneakers [pic]

    I may have mentioned this when I posted the awesome Super Mario Bros Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers but I have never been a fan of the design of Chuck Taylor shoes.  I just think they look ugly and cheap.  I stick to New Balance shoes myself.  Anyway, for $120, you can purchase these amazing Mega […]