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  • Hand-Painted Angry Birds Shoes [pic]

    Although I still play new levels of Angry Birds when they come out, I have largely kicked my addiction to playing Angry Birds.  While I still enjoy playing the game, eventually you get to the point that you realize you aren’t going to score any higher on the levels so you just kind of give […]

  • Amazing Custom Batman Dark Knight Rises Converse Shoes [pic]

    Last week, I posted some amazing Dark Knight Rises shoes featuring Batman and Catwoman by some custom shoe painters in Thailand called What’s Shop.  Well, it seems like Batman converse shoes are very popular for them judging by this other pair of Dark Knight Rises shoes that they have made featuring the movie poster image […]

  • TARDIS Tennis Shoes [pic]

    Have you ever sat around and asked yourself how much of a better place the world would be if somebody would mass produce TARDIS shoes?  Me neither, but I am not usually one to daydream about stuff that has no chance of happening.  Well, if you want some TARDIS shoes, you will have to make […]

  • Doctor Who Converse TARDIS and Dalek Shoes [pic]

    It has been hears since I have worn any hightop shoes, but they were always my favorite as a kid.  Well, I might just have to go back to wearing that kind of shoe after seeing these amazing Doctor Who themed Converse shoes! For the Doctor Who fans out there who like to wear Converse […]

  • Final Fantasy Knit Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers [pic]

    It saddens me that I have never come across any awesome Final Fantasy stuff worth posting, or at least not until today.  Etsy seller PrettySneaky is selling the awesome Final Fantasy knit Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers in the picture below for $120.  The best part is that they are using the characters from the classic Final […]

  • More Super Mario Bros Converse Sneakers Announced [pics]

    Back in April I posted some pictures of some cool Super Mario Bros style Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers that are set to be released in Japan in July.  Well, apparently despite not having released yet, they are so popular that two more even better designs are coming out in August!  Instead of just a bunch […]