Doctor Who Converse TARDIS and Dalek Shoes [pic]

It has been hears since I have worn any hightop shoes, but they were always my favorite as a kid.  Well, I might just have to go back to wearing that kind of shoe after seeing these amazing Doctor Who themed Converse shoes!

For the Doctor Who fans out there who like to wear Converse shoes, Etsy seller emmivisser is selling this pair of TARDIS and Dalek Converse shoes for $119.95.  However, be warned that the orders for these shoes are custom orders and take 3-4 weeks to make and then will be shipping from the Netherlands so it will probably take a few weeks to ship them.  However, I don’t think that matters if it means you are going to end up with a pair of awesome Doctor Who shoes!

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Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Shoes
Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Shoes

[Source:  Etsy]



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  2. Tyedyedchick Avatar

    Are you still selling these?

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