TARDIS Tennis Shoes [pic]

Have you ever sat around and asked yourself how much of a better place the world would be if somebody would mass produce TARDIS shoes?  Me neither, but I am not usually one to daydream about stuff that has no chance of happening.  Well, if you want some TARDIS shoes, you will have to make yourself a pair like these!

Apparently somebody took a pair of Converse All Star shoes and painted them up to look like the TARDIS.  I would say they turned out great!  Now if only they came in my size and I could buy them…

UPDATE:  These shoes were created by the company Canvas Warriors who creates hand-painted custom Converse shoes like these.  You can check out more of their Doctor Who themed shoes here.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Sneakers
Doctor Who TARDIS Shoes

[Source:  Canvas Warriors via Doctor Who Crafts]



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2 responses to “TARDIS Tennis Shoes [pic]”

  1. Meganinfante Avatar

    where do i get them!

  2. pcnerd37 Avatar

    Like the post states, if you want a pair, you will have to make some yourself. However, I am sure you could find somebody on Etsy that does custom shoe painting to make some for you.

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