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  • Incredibly Cute Angry Birds Birthday Cake [pic]

    With as popular as the popular pig killing game, Angry Birds has become, it is no surprise that everybody seems to be asking for an Angry Birds cake for their birthday these days.  In the past, I have posted a ton of Angry Birds cakes (just search for Angry Birds cakes on the right to […]

  • The Force Was Definitely Used to Make This Angry Birds Star Wars Cake [pic]

    Angry Birds cakes and Star Wars cakes are quite common these days, but you don’t see too many Angry Birds Star Wars cakes.  In fact, I think the only one I have seen before today is the Angry Birds Star Wars cake I posted a while back with a giant Chewbacca bird on it.  Well, […]

  • This Angry Birds Pizza is Ready for the Oven! [pic]

    There is nothing I love more than pizza.  Anybody who knows me knows just how big of a pizza addict I really am.  They also know that I am a huge fan of the highly addictive and often very frustrating Angry Birds game!  Well, yet another person has decided to combine the two into an […]

  • Angry Birds Cake Pops [pic]

    Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of trying a cake pop.  They sound delicious and I have posted some pretty amazing ones like the Doctor Who cake pops from a while back, but I have never even come across them in person to try some. Well, here are some more amazing cake pops I […]

  • Amazing Angry Birds Cupcake Tower [pics]

    I’ve largely broken my addiction to Angry Birds although I still play the occasional game however I just can’t seem to get enough Angry Birds themed food.  I’ve posted a bunch of Angry Birds cakes in the past including a playable Angry Birds cake but I am pretty sure this is the first Angry Birds […]

  • The Actual History of Stonehenge: Angry Birds [pic]

    The more I think about it, I am kind of surprised that nobody has put Angry Birds and Stonehenge together until now.  There has long been speculation about the purpose of Stonehenge over the years, but if Angry Birds was around back then, I would have to say that this seems to be the best […]