This Angry Birds Pizza is Ready for the Oven! [pic]

There is nothing I love more than pizza.  Anybody who knows me knows just how big of a pizza addict I really am.  They also know that I am a huge fan of the highly addictive and often very frustrating Angry Birds game!  Well, yet another person has decided to combine the two into an awesome Angry Birds pizza!

A while back, I posted an awesome although somewhat small Angry Birds pizza that looked delicious and even a giant Angry Birds pizza that looked even better, but now we have another one that while it looks delicious, it needs to be tossed in the oven before I would eat it.

I’m not sure who the pizza loving Angry Birds fan is that made this awesome looking pizza, but they did a pretty good job!

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Uncooked Angry Birds Pizza
Angry Birds Pizza

[via TechEBlog]



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