Amazing Angry Birds Cupcake Tower [pics]

I’ve largely broken my addiction to Angry Birds although I still play the occasional game however I just can’t seem to get enough Angry Birds themed food.  I’ve posted a bunch of Angry Birds cakes in the past including a playable Angry Birds cake but I am pretty sure this is the first Angry Birds cupcake tower I have ever posted (I can’t be sure as I really don’t remember all of the near 2000 posts I have written on GGN).

This spectacular looking Angry Birds cupcake tower was created by Jodi Miller.  If I ever need some cupcakes made, I know who to go to because this are some of the most amazingly detailed cupcakes I have ever seen!

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Angry Birds Cupcake Tower
Angry Birds Cupcake Tower
Angry Birds Cupcake Tower Close-Up
Angry Birds Cupcake Tower Close-Up

[via Between the Pages]



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