Incredibly Cute Angry Birds Birthday Cake [pic]

With as popular as the popular pig killing game, Angry Birds has become, it is no surprise that everybody seems to be asking for an Angry Birds cake for their birthday these days.  In the past, I have posted a ton of Angry Birds cakes (just search for Angry Birds cakes on the right to see them all) such as the this cool Angry Birds cake and even a playable Angry Birds cake.  However, I don’t know that I have posted about one that is quite this cute before.

This adorable Angry Birds birthday cake was made by bake-a-boo cakes & cupcakes for some lucky birthday boy named Calvin.  I think the cake is incredibly well done although I have one problem with it.  If it is going to be an Angry Birds cake, shouldn’t the birds look a little…angrier?  Perhaps pissed off birds might ruin the cuteness of the cake but the game isn’t called Happy Birds is it?!  Heck no!

Happy or angry, this Angry Birds cake is still awesome!

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Angry Birds Birthday Cake
Angry Birds Birthday Cake

[Source:  bake-a-boo cakes & cupcakes via Between the Pages]


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