Super Mario Question Block Coasters

Super Mario Question Block Coasters

Given how sweaty glasses can cause real damage to tables (something I’ve found out the hard way because I was a kid and stupid once), I firmly believe that every geek should have some geeky coasters.  Whether they come in the form of old AOL disks or in my case, Command & Conquer GDI and NOD coasters, you should put something between your glass and the table to help keep your table looking great for years to come.  Well, if you happen to be a Super Mario Bros fan, I think these Super Mario question block coasters the perfect set of coasters for you!

Etsy seller aPyroDesign is selling this set of 4 Super Mario Question Block coasters for just $10!  The coasters are made with foam rubber, measure 3.75″ across and have the Super Mario question block image pressed into them.  They are available in both a flat style (original Super Mario Bros) and a shiny, more modern question block style.

I don’t know what is in these question blocks but I do know they fight those evil coaster rings!  Whether they will also help you save Princess Peach from that evil Bowser, I cannot say.  I guess you will just have to order a set of these Super Mario question block coaster and find out for yourself!

I am curious to know, if you aren’t getting these coasters (seriously?!), what sort of coasters do you use to protect your furniture from the water rings that your sweaty glasses leave behind?  Let me know in the comments below!  I’ll be sure to read them eventually but right now I have the strange craving to make a smoothie and play some Super Mario Maker.  Off I go!

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Super Mario Question Block Coasters
Super Mario Question Block Coasters

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