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  • Super Mario Question Block Coasters

    Super Mario Question Block Coasters

    Given how sweaty glasses can cause real damage to tables (something I’ve found out the hard way because I was a kid and stupid once), I firmly believe that every geek should have some geeky coasters.  Whether they come in the form of old AOL disks or in my case, Command & Conquer GDI and […]

  • This Awesome Super Mario Bros Question Block Shirt is $10 TODAY ONLY! [pic]

    Have you ever wondered what the inside of a question block in Super Mario Bros really looks like?  Well now you can wonder no more and inform all of the Mario lovers around you thanks to this Super Mario Bros question block t-shirt! The geektastic folks over at my favorite daily deal shirt site, TeeFury, […]

  • Geektastic Super Mario Bros Marriage Proposal [pic]

    Correction:  It was the girl that proposed to her boyfriend, not the other way around like mentioned below.  My mistake. Quite a while ago, I posted a Super Mario Bros marriage proposal video that was absolutely amazing.  However, had that marriage proposal video included this Super Mario Bros inspired engagement ring box, it would have […]

  • Super Mario Bros Question Block and Bricks Lamp [pic]

    I think we have a winner for the coolest lamp in the universe award (which I just made up) and it is this amazing Super Mario Bros themed question block and bricks lamp.  I didn’t figure I would see a lamp cooler than the Boba Fett lamp I posted a long time ago but this […]

  • Super Mario Bros Question Block NES Console Mod [pics]

    It never ceases to amaze me just how awesome some console mods are and this is no exception.  Apparently one NES gamer with a love for Super Mario Bros decided to paint up his old console in yellow and what I would say is a reddish-orange and cut a window in the top of it […]