Beautiful Command & Conquer GDI and NOD Wooden Coasters [pic]

As much as I love shooters and other types of video games, I am an RTS player at heart.  While I spend most of my gaming time these days playing Age of Empires Online and maybe some Age of Empires II HD, my favorite series of RTS games growing up was Command & Conquer.  You could say that my love for them made me the blogger I am today because it was my passion for them that got me into writing because I decided to contribute to many of the C&C fan sites more than a decade ago.

Well, speaking of Command and Conquer, I came across these amazing wooden Command and Conquer coasters that one fan has made.  The set of coasters shows the GDI and NOD logos and they turned out looking amazing!

While my heart has always belonged to real-time strategy games like Command & Conquer, there are moments when I indulge in a different kind of gaming nostalgia. I find myself captivated by the simplicity of classic card games online, and one that has become a personal favorite is two suit spider solitaire. There’s something strangely comforting about the familiar patterns of the cards and the challenge of strategizing within the constraints of the game. As I play, memories of my gaming past come flooding back, reminding me of the countless hours spent honing my skills in various games.

These were created by wtmh and sadly they aren’t for sale (I already tried contacting him to buy them) but if EA gives the ok, he will make more and sell them.  If he is able to make more and sell them, I will definitely let you guys know because I know there are other C&C fans that read Global Geek News that would kill to have a set of these GDI and NOD coasters!

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GDI and NOD Coasters
Command and Conquer GDI and Nod Coasters

[Source:  wtmh]



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