Cold Boy Mini-Fridge

This Mini-Fridge Has Been Turned Into A Playable GameBoy

In the past, I have posted some pretty cool and very geeky mini fridges like the Borg Cube mini-fridge however I’m pretty sure that when it comes to geeky mini-fridges, the one below reigns supreme!  Anybody can put decals on their fridge to make it look like a GameBoy but one guy decided to take things to the next level and actually turn their mini-fridge into a playable Nintendo GameBoy!

This incredible GameBoy mini-fridge mod was done by Daniel d’Entremont a.k.a. Mod Purist.  This fridge is known as the Cold Boy and is not only a working fridge but it has an LCD screen and some large wooden buttons that are powered by a Raspberry Pi 2 which allows the fridge to run a GameBoy emulator to play GameBoy games like Pokemon.

Its definitely not the most portable GameBoy I have ever seen but it is perhaps the coolest.  Pun intended.

You can find more details of the build on the ModPurist website but if you just care about the finished project, check out the pictures and video below.

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Cold Boy Mini-Fridge
GameBoy Mini-Fridge

[Source:  ModPurist via That’s Nerdalicious]



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