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  • This Mini-Fridge Has Been Turned Into A Playable GameBoy

    This Mini-Fridge Has Been Turned Into A Playable GameBoy

    In the past, I have posted some pretty cool and very geeky mini fridges like the Borg Cube mini-fridge however I’m pretty sure that when it comes to geeky mini-fridges, the one below reigns supreme!  Anybody can put decals on their fridge to make it look like a GameBoy but one guy decided to take […]

  • Epic Steampunk Game Boy

    Epic Steampunk Game Boy

    Ever since I was a kid, I have had a slight Game Boy obsession.  I always used to carry one with me no matter where I went (Now I carry my Nintendo 3DS with me) as well as a pack of batteries because any Game Boy fan knows it will always die on you at […]

  • iPad 2 Duct Tape Magnetic Jackets [pic]

    A while back, I posted about a really awesome TARDIS bag made out of duct tape that you guys really seemed to love so I knew you would want to hear about this!  The creator of the TARDIS duct tape bag now has a new project and he needs your help!  Eric, perhaps better known […]

  • Gameboy Tube Dress [pic]

    Considering how large our female audience is, there always seems to be a big response when we post geeky clothing for them such as the Star Wars opening text scroll dress.  So, when I saw this awesome Nintendo Gameboy tube dress, I knew I would be a fool not to post it.  If it wasn’t […]

  • Nintendo Gameboy Tattoo [pic]

    Despite the fact that I love seeing really geeky tattoos, I still have no desire to ever get one of my own.  This awesome Nintendo Gameboy in a mirror tattoo is one of the better ones I have seen in a while.  I don’t think it is the geekiest tattoo I have ever seen as […]

  • Nintendo food creations [pic]

    When I saw the picture below of various Nintendo related food items, two things came to mind.  First, I need to post this amazing picture.  Second, I am now hungry.  I’m not sure where this image came from since I have had it for a while with the intent to post it, but it is […]