Star Trek Borg Cube Mini Fridge

Borg Cube Mini Fridge Will Assimilate Your Beverages

The #1 I hate about my bedroom is the lack of outlets for plugging stuff in.  Having only one outlet means I have a number of power strips daisy chained just to run all of my computers, game consoles, tv, and a ton of other gadgets and as much as I would like to have a mini fridge in my bedroom, I don’t want to push my luck and increase the risk of burning my house down any more than than I already have.  However, if I ever get another outlet put in or move somewhere that I have the ability to plug more stuff in, this Borg mini fridge is exactly what I will get!

The Star Trek loving nerds over at ThinkGeek are selling this amazing Borg Cube mini fridge for $149.99.  This Collective approved fridge can hold up to 9 pop cans with a little bit of room to spare and lights up green just like a real Borg Cube!  If you are a Star Trek fan who hates having to walk all the way to the kitchen to get something to drink while you are Netflixing on Star Trek: Voyager, this is the perfect mini fridge for you!  And one other interesting note, not only can this keep food cold but it can also keep it warm up to 149°F!

Now, if only somebody could invent a transporter to beam the pee out of you, you would never have to leave your bedroom ever again!

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Star Trek Borg Cube Mini Fridge
Borg Cube Mini Fridge
Star Trek Borg Cube Mini Fridge
Borg Cube Mini Fridge

[Source:  ThinkGeek]


3 responses to “Borg Cube Mini Fridge Will Assimilate Your Beverages”

  1. Dave Diller Avatar
    Dave Diller

    Not sure what I like more, the fridge itself or the fact that the first picture features Bawls. Haven’t had one in years!

  2. pcnerd37 Avatar

    I’ve only had one once and it was at a LAN party. I didn’t mind the taste but I can’t stand carbonated drinks so I never had another one. If they had an uncarbonated version, I would definitely give it a try.

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