Custom Final Fantasy VII PlayStation Console Mod

I have been a video game enthusiast nearly my entire life (I got my first console on my 2nd birthday) and having grown up on older consoles, I love to see people still doing something with them.  Whether it is playing them or modding them, I enjoy seeing that people haven’t forgotten about the great games and systems of past decades.  Speaking of modding older consoles, the king of doing just that is back and this time he has modified an old PlayStation.

In the past, I have featured the awesome console mods from a cool guy named Kevin.  He was the guy that did the Donkey Kong NES console mod I posted about in the past as well as the Super Mario NES console mod and the Legend of Zelda NES console mod (my favorite).  Well, it looks like he has been up to his old tricks again but this time with a newer console.

As you can see in the pictures below, Kevin has created a Final Fantasy VII Playstation console mod.  Although I have only ever played the original Final Fantasy for the NES, I have long been told that Final Fantasy VII is by far the best game in the franchise so it seems fitting that it would get a Playstation console mod.

Great job Kevin!

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Custom Final Fantasy VII Playstation Mod
Final Fantasy VII Playstation Console Mod
Final Fantasy Playstation Console Mod
Final Fantasy VII Playstation Console Mod

[Source:  Video Game Rescue]


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