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  • Epic PlayStation 1 Cake

    Epic PlayStation 1 Cake

    Its been quite a while since I have posted any really cool gaming or even just general geeky cakes so when I came across this one, I knew I just had to share it.  Playstation fans such as myself will love this incredibly detailed PlayStation 1 cake that looks almost real enough to play! In […]

  • Custom Final Fantasy VII PlayStation Console Mod

    I have been a video game enthusiast nearly my entire life (I got my first console on my 2nd birthday) and having grown up on older consoles, I love to see people still doing something with them.  Whether it is playing them or modding them, I enjoy seeing that people haven’t forgotten about the great […]

  • Playstation, Xbox and GameCube Video Game Console Cosplay [pic]

    It seems pretty common to see some video game character cosplay (the Super Mario Bros girls would be a great example), but its not often you see people cosplay as the actual video game consoles.  In fact this might be the only time I have ever seen anybody do this! I’m not sure who these […]