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  • Custom Final Fantasy VII PlayStation Console Mod

    I have been a video game enthusiast nearly my entire life (I got my first console on my 2nd birthday) and having grown up on older consoles, I love to see people still doing something with them.  Whether it is playing them or modding them, I enjoy seeing that people haven’t forgotten about the great […]

  • Final Fantasy Wedding Cake Topper [pic]

    Honestly, I haven’t played any of the Final Fantasy games since the first one on the NES.  There is no particular reason why I haven’t played the others as Final Fantasy on the NES is one of my all time favorite games, I just haven’t gotten around to playing any of the others. Well, for […]

  • Final Fantasy III + Monopoly = Amazing [pic]

    It is so common these days to see a version of Monopoly for just about everything (including Klingon Monopoly) that it is almost annoying because its hard to pick just which version of Monopoly you really want to play.  Well, that problem gets even worse when fans start crafting their own versions of the board […]

  • Amazing Final Fantasy Tattoo Remembers Fallen Soldier [pic]

    I post all kinds of great tattoos, but none of them ever seem to have any story with them.  Well, this Final Fantasy tattoo has a rather touching story with it.  Back in June, Taylor (the guy in the picture with this amazing Final Fantasy tattoo) sadly lost his brother-in-law in the war in Afghanistan.  […]

  • Final Fantasy Black Mage Beanie [pic]

    Back when I was a kid and addicted to Final Fantasy on the NES, I was always a big fan of the black mage character.  He could do some serious butt kicking when things got ugly!  Well, for those that were big fans of the black mage like myself, Etsy seller billionsandbillions is selling this […]

  • Final Fantasy Coaster Set [pic]

    I remember spending a considerable amount of my childhood playing Final Fantasy on the NES and the love for that game really makes me want these awesome drink coasters!  This awesome coaster set features the black mage, white mage, red mage, black belt, fighter and thief from the NES classic.  The coolest part is that […]