Worf Hoodie Sweatshirt [pic]

One of the more common dating profile questions I have seen on sites like OKCupid is the question “What is the first thing people notice about you?”  I suppose my answer to such a question would have to be that I wear my geeky side on my sleeve.  Literally.  I never leave the house without some sort of geeky hat (God of War is the hat I am sporting these days) and a geeky shirt.  In the case of today, I am waring a Doctor Who t-shirt that looks like a traditional Christmas sweater.  Anyway, If you want to be the one who answers that question by saying people notice you look like a Klingon, now you can!

Etsy seller EwoksInTutus is selling this awesome Star Trek Worf hoodie sweatshirt for just $95.  Nothing says I am a Star Trek fan more than going around in public looking like the lovable Klingon, Worf!

They are made to order in sizes S-XL but they take 2-3 weeks to make so if you decide to order one of these awesome Worf hoodies, keep that in mind.

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Star Trek Worf Hoodie Sweatshirt
Worf Hoodie Sweatshirt

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