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  • Worf Hoodie Sweatshirt [pic]

    One of the more common dating profile questions I have seen on sites like OKCupid is the question “What is the first thing people notice about you?”  I suppose my answer to such a question would have to be that I wear my geeky side on my sleeve.  Literally.  I never leave the house without […]

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Zip Hoodie [pic]

    I’ve never been a hoodie wearing kind of guy but there is just something cool about this Shreeder hoodie that makes me really want to buy it.  This rather unique hoodie features a softer version of the spikes that Shreeder is known for wearing and it features a full zip half mask.  Teenage Mutant Ninja […]

  • Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Hoodie by Marc Ecko [pic]

    It is that time of year around here where it is a good idea to dress warm if you don’t want to freeze to death.  Luckily, I don’t get cold easily because all of my geeky clothing consists of nothing but t-shirts which aren’t very warm.  But, for those colder days or for those geeks […]