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  • Worf Hoodie Sweatshirt [pic]

    One of the more common dating profile questions I have seen on sites like OKCupid is the question “What is the first thing people notice about you?”  I suppose my answer to such a question would have to be that I wear my geeky side on my sleeve.  Literally.  I never leave the house without […]

  • Star Trek Borg and Enterprise Birthday Cake [pic]

    Assuming I make it to the age of 65, I would love to have an awesome Star Trek themed cake like this dad got.  This awesome Star Trek: The Next Generation cake was created by Baking and Decorating and it features the Enterprise-D as well as a couple Borg ships shaped to look like the […]

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme Played w/ Floppy Drives [video]

    Until I posted about the pair of old floppy drives that played the Imperial March a while back, I had never imagined that floppy drives could double as musical instruments.  Well, it looks like somebody else has gone the extra mile to turn some old floppy drives into musical instruments.  While the first Imperial March […]

  • Star Trek Birthday Cake: The Enterprise vs The Borg [pic]

    Resistance is futile!  Eventually you will be 50 years old (assuming you don’t die first)!  I can’t say the idea of getting old thrills me that much but if I am getting awesome cakes like this when I am 50, it might not be so bad!  I would love to have a birthday cake featuring […]

  • Star Trek Bake It So Cooking Apron [pic]

    I love it when I get to post about things that are so clever that you can’t help but smile when you see them.  This cooking apron is one of those things!  DeviantART user Tomaka and their friend are constantly exchanging Star Trek themed birthday gifts and last year Tomaka made this amaizng Star Trek: […]

  • Captain Picard Ordering Chinese Food [pic]

    When you portray a character that has some famous catch phrases, eventually somebody is going to use them to make a joke and this is one of those times.  As I am sure all of you are aware, the Captain Picard character from Star Trek: The Next Generation is famous for his “Make it so, […]