This Yoda Snowman is Very Cool! [pic]

If it wasn’t for pictures, I might forget what snow looks like.  It has been incredibly dry here in Colorado the past two winters and we are in desperate need of some snow soon if there is any hope of having enough water for my lawn to survive this summer.  However, there are some lucky people in other parts of the world that are getting snow and they seem to be making the most of it!

DeviantART user NerdSmile apparently decided to put the at their house to good use and turn it into a Yoda snowman!  I’m not quite sure how the coloring of this Yoda snow sculpture was achieved, but it turned out pretty cool!  It is a shame this Yoda will melt away once the sun comes out.

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Yoda Snow Sculpture
Yoda Snowman

[Source:  NerdSmile via Obvious Winner]






2 responses to “This Yoda Snowman is Very Cool! [pic]”

  1. Nerdvana Avatar

    This is a scary Yoda.

  2. NerdSmile Avatar

    I used watered down paint in a spray bottle 🙂

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