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  • Batman Snow Sculpture

    A little over a month ago, I posted a really amazing snow sculpture of Batman fighting a shark.  When I made that post, I also asked for people to send in their really geeky snow sculptures for me to see and this Batman snow sculpture is one of the pictures I was sent. Global Geek […]

  • This Yoda Snowman is Very Cool! [pic]

    If it wasn’t for pictures, I might forget what snow looks like.  It has been incredibly dry here in Colorado the past two winters and we are in desperate need of some snow soon if there is any hope of having enough water for my lawn to survive this summer.  However, there are some lucky […]

  • Kid Rides Awesome Tauntaun Snow Sculpture [pic]

    Are you one of the people that have been hit by the recent Christmas time snow storm?  Are you looking for an idea for something fun that you can make out of all of the snow that got dumped in your neighborhood?  How about making some awesome Star Wars snow sculptures with all of that […]

  • Little Kid Rides AT-AT Made Out of Snow [pic]

    A few days ago, we got a couple of inches of snow (3″ at most) but it wasn’t enough to do anything fun with.  In fact, it was just enough to make my car spin out and slam into a curb.  Well, apparently somebody got a decent amount of snow recently as they decided to […]

  • Mushroom Kingdom 5 Day Weather Forecast [pic]

    It seems that pretty much everybody is obsessed with the weather, so it makes sense that the Mario and the other inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom like to watch the weather report as well. Well, it seems like we now have an idea of just what the weather is like in Mario’s world.  The temperature […]

  • Pac-Man Ghost Poncho Coming Soon [pic]

    The idea of making a poncho that looks like a Pac-Man ghost is one of those simple ideas that you think you should have had a long time ago.  Well, apparently it has taken a lot of years for somebody to come up with the brilliant idea and soon you will be able to own […]