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  • Batman Snow Sculpture

    A little over a month ago, I posted a really amazing snow sculpture of Batman fighting a shark.  When I made that post, I also asked for people to send in their really geeky snow sculptures for me to see and this Batman snow sculpture is one of the pictures I was sent. Global Geek […]

  • This TARDIS Scarf is an Amazing Illusion! [pics]

    Despite the cold environment that I work in during the winter, I have never been one to wear a scarf.  As I get older and the cold bothers me more than it used to, I am starting to think that having a scarf might not be such a bad idea.  However, if there is one […]

  • Batman Fighting a Shark is One of the Coolest Snow Sculptures Ever [pic]

    It doesn’t look like we are going to get winter here in Colorado this year, but apparently some places are lucky enough to be experiencing it.  If it wasn’t for the 3 inches of snow we had a week ago, I would almost forget what the white stuff looks like. Even if we aren’t getting […]

  • Darth Vader Snow Sculpture [pic]

    Even though I can’t say I am a huge fan of snow, I really wish we were getting some this winter.  It shouldn’t be this dry in Colorado in the winter!  We got 3″ here yesterday but that is all we have had in probably more than a month which is really bad because we […]

  • This Yoda Snowman is Very Cool! [pic]

    If it wasn’t for pictures, I might forget what snow looks like.  It has been incredibly dry here in Colorado the past two winters and we are in desperate need of some snow soon if there is any hope of having enough water for my lawn to survive this summer.  However, there are some lucky […]

  • Gigantic Mountainside 8-bit Space Invaders Snow Art [pics]

    I’ve posted works of video game art that ranged from the size of earrings to the size of walls (such as the LEGO wall mural video game tribute I posted earlier today) but never something as large as the side of a mountain.  Well, now I can say that I have with this amazing 8-bit […]