This Yoda Cake Looks Happy for You to Eat Him [pic]

Maybe its just me, but I find it kind of creepy when my cake looks at me with a smile on its face.  Its like it is approving of the fact that I am going to eat it and I prefer to think of my food as not having any kind of opinion.  Perhaps I am just over thinking things but I can’t help but feel slightly uneasy when my food is staring at me with a smile.

Well, for those that don’t mind food that smiles at them, I suspect you will be very impressed by this Yoda cake!

This serene looking Yoda cake was created by the clearly talented people at Lovely Cakes.  It may not be as dangerous looking as the giant Yoda cake I posted in the past, but it is still an amazing cake!

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Star Wars Yoda Cake
Yoda Cake

[via Between the Pages]