Amazing Yoda Cake [pics]

I’ve posted some pretty cool looking Yoda cakes in the past like this Yoda birthday cake, but none of them can even compare to this mind blowing Yoda cake.

This spectacular Yoda cake was made by the obviously talented Edward Frys.  This guy is definitely one of the more impressive cake makers that I have blogged about.  I can’t even begin to imagine how much time and work went into making a cake as amazing as this Yoda cake.  The Force is definitely strong with this cake maker!  If somebody has made a more impressive Yoda cake, I would like to see it because I don’t think it gets any better than this!

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Amazing Yoda Cake
Amazing Yoda Cake
Yoda Cake Close Up
Yoda Cake Close Up

[via Between the Pages]



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2 responses to “Amazing Yoda Cake [pics]”

  1. Patrick Scalisi Avatar

    Wonder what this was made for. It looks like some kind of con.

  2. […] all of the Yoda cakes that have been posted on Global Geek News in the past (including this amazing one seen at a convention), this one feels like the most […]

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