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  • The Most Amazing Dalek Wedding Cake Ever! [pic]

    Back in May, I posted some awesome Dalek Wedding cake toppers that I know I would love to have on my own wedding cake should that day ever come.  Well, there are some people that are satisfied with Dalek wedding cake toppers and there are others that decide they need to go above and beyond […]

  • Amazing Yoda Cake [pics]

    I’ve posted some pretty cool looking Yoda cakes in the past like this Yoda birthday cake, but none of them can even compare to this mind blowing Yoda cake. This spectacular Yoda cake was made by the obviously talented Edward Frys.  This guy is definitely one of the more impressive cake makers that I have […]

  • Amazing Batman Haircut [pic]

    I haven’t changed my haircut in years as I like to keep it about as short as it is on the kids head in this picture.  However, I solute this kid for wanting to do something a little different and getting an amazing picture of Batman and a building in the background cut into his […]

  • Mind Blowing Spider-Man Cake [pic]

    I will admit that I am not the biggest Spider-Man fan in the world (that can be blamed on the Spider-Man movies), but I do know an amazing cake when I see one!  This Spider-Man cake definitely falls under the category of too awesome to eat!  Sadly, the baker of this cake is unknown, but […]

  • Mind Blowing Super Mario World Music Video [video]

    Like most gamers, I spent many hours as a kid playing Super Mario World.  It is probably my favorite Mario game and it seems to also be the favorite Mario game of modders too!  Well, somebody (I don’t know who because the video description doesn’t say who created this) apparently has a lot of time […]

  • Firecracker exploding at 10,000 frames per second [video]

    If history is any indication, it is safe to say that I am a sucker for watching pretty much anything when it is framed at more than 1000 frames per second.  This is no exception.  One of my favorite YouTube channels, ultraslo has posted this amazing video of a firecracker exploding at 10,000 fps.  It […]