Fan Made TARDIS Kindle Case [pic]

One of the many gadgets that I take everywhere is my Kindle (Kindle Paperwhite to be exact and the Kindle 2 before that), but I have never had more than the rather boring (yet nice looking) official leather Kindle case.  Well, perhaps I should do what this person did and paint up my Kindle case to look like the TARDIS!

Doctor Who fan and Kindle owner krisisis is the awesome person that painted up their leather Kindle cover to look like the TARDIS.  I’ve seen TARDIS iPad case before (made out of duct tape), but I’m pretty sure this is the first TARDIS Kindle case I have seen.  I think I now have an idea of just what I want to do this weekend!

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TARDIS Kindle Cover
Doctor Who TARDIS Kindle Cover

[Source:  krisisis via Doctor Who Crafts]



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