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  • Star Wars R2-D2 C-3PO Painted Christmas Ornament Set [pic]

    One of the nice things about Christmas is that in most homes, everybody in the house gets to celebrate it with a little bit of their personality.  In my house, that has always been with stockings that represented something each of us loved, like a hunting themed stalking for my dad for example.  Another great […]

  • Fan Made TARDIS Kindle Case [pic]

    One of the many gadgets that I take everywhere is my Kindle (Kindle Paperwhite to be exact and the Kindle 2 before that), but I have never had more than the rather boring (yet nice looking) official leather Kindle case.  Well, perhaps I should do what this person did and paint up my Kindle case […]

  • Doctor Who Shoes [pic]

    Bow ties might be cool, but bow ties and a TARDIS on your feet is fantastic!  I’m not one for wearing cool things on my shoes (primarily because I work in a very filthy place and I don’t want them to get nasty), but I would imagine some of you are Doctor Who fans who […]

  • Dad Paints Amazing Legend of Zelda Nursery [pic + video]

    When some people are about to become fathers, they are overcome with worry about whether they will be a good father or just hoping they don’t screw the kid up.  However, there are others that take to fatherhood like a duck takes to water and this is a tale of one of those kinds of […]

  • Fan Made Doctor Who Shoes [pics]

    Yesterday, I posted some awesome Doctor Who Converse shoes that you can buy if you are either too lazy or too bad with paints to make youself, but here are some awesome shoes from somebody who decided to make their own! Tumbler user cloysterbell spent around 10 hours turning their shoes into an awesome Doctor […]

  • Hand-Painted Zelda and Link Earphones [pic]

    I gave up wearing earphones several years ago in favor of earbuds, but when I did wear earphones, I always preferred the clip-on type.  They just seemed to be much more convenient than something that went over your head and you never really had to worry about them slipping off when you move.  Well, if […]