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  • Fan Made TARDIS Kindle Case [pic]

    One of the many gadgets that I take everywhere is my Kindle (Kindle Paperwhite to be exact and the Kindle 2 before that), but I have never had more than the rather boring (yet nice looking) official leather Kindle case.  Well, perhaps I should do what this person did and paint up my Kindle case […]

  • Amazon’s Insulting Kindle Replacement Offer [Rant]

    Normally, I try to keep Global Geek News as much of an upbeat and happy place for geeks and nerds to visit as possible, but I have to rant about the horrible Amazon customer support experience I just had.  I almost never take the opportunity to rant on here (I don’t think I have done […]

  • Is the Kindle the next big casual gaming device?

    Cover via Amazon When the average person thinks of Amazon’s Kindle, they think of it as being for reading books and that is it.  Sure, you can browse the web with it (kind of), listen to MP3s and a couple other things but the primary function is reading.  That appears to be changing.  If you […]

  • Amazon finally allows gifting of Kindle books

    Cover via Amazon One of the things that has baffled me for about as long as I have owned my Kindle is why can’t I gift people books and why can’t they gift books to me?  Amazon has finally fixed this oversight and now allows people to gift Kindle ebooks to others, even if they […]