Is the Kindle the next big casual gaming device?

When the average person thinks of Amazon’s Kindle, they think of it as being for reading books and that is it.  Sure, you can browse the web with it (kind of), listen to MP3s and a couple other things but the primary function is reading.  That appears to be changing.  If you check out the best selling Kindle purchases from the last 90 days, 8 out of the top 12 are games.  Yes, games!

The top seller on the Kindle for the past 90 days as of the time of this post is the game Mahjong Solitare.  The other games that make the list include hangman, Sudoku, and some word puzzle games.

Although I do have a couple of games on my Kindle, I have never played them.  I have never really given any thought to the idea of using my Kindle for casual games more than reading.  Seems a little strange to me but for simple games like Sudoku, it might just be the perfect platform.

What do you think about the Kindle being a popular casual gaming device?  Do you play games on your Kindle?