Cute Tetris Dress [pic]

Of all of the awesome geeky clothing I have posted on here and even my other site, Fanboy Fashion which is dedicated to geeky clothing and cosplay, I think this Tetris dress might just be my all time favorite piece of geek clothing.  There is just something super cute about this awesome Tetris dress!

Etsy seller nerdalertdesigns is selling this fantastic Tetris dress for just $90.  This could be the perfect dress for any of the Tetris loving women out there.

As a guy who once had a serious Tetris addiction (I still love the game but don’t play it much anymore), if I saw a girl walking by wearing this Tetris dress, I would be drooling all over myself!  So, if that is the reaction you ladies are looking for, buy this dress now!

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Cute Tetris Dress
Tetris Dress

[Source:  Etsy]



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