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  • A MARVEL-ous Skirt [pic]

    One of the things I find most rewarding about blogging on Global Geek News is being able to share the really cool and super geeky things I come across with people that will appreciate them.  However, what I really love is when people share the really cool and super geeky things they make with me! […]

  • Cute Tetris Dress [pic]

    Of all of the awesome geeky clothing I have posted on here and even my other site, Fanboy Fashion which is dedicated to geeky clothing and cosplay, I think this Tetris dress might just be my all time favorite piece of geek clothing.  There is just something super cute about this awesome Tetris dress! Etsy […]

  • A TARDIS Purse That is Bigger on the Inside [pic]

    The sad thing about all of the TARDIS stuff I have posted is that unlike the real TARDIS, they aren’t bigger on the inside than they appear on the outside.  Well, I suspect you could actually make that claim about this TARDIS purse! Considering purses tend to take up more space when they are full […]

  • Amazing Super Mario Bros Hand Painted High Heels [pic]

    I’ve posted some pretty amazing Super Mario Bros shoes in the past like the ones from Converse, but these are by far the best I have ever seen!  For those out there that wear high heeled shoes and love Super Mario Bros, then you are in luck because Etsy seller magicbeanbuyer is selling these!  For […]

  • Alien-Inspired High-Heel Shoes [Pic]

    I’m not one of those foot fetish people so I generally never look at the shoes that women are wearing, but something shiny like this pair of Alien inspired high-heeled shoes would definitely get my attention.  This looks like probably the least comfortable pair of shoes I have ever seen but they definitely look cool!  […]

  • Beaded Pokemon Pokeball Bra [pic]

    A long time ago, I posted an awesome Pokemon Pokeball bra, but Etsy seller petrichorclothing has gone one step further in the direction of awesomeness and made a beaded Pokemon pokeball bra!  For the Pokemon loving women out there (or men with really large man boobs) this supposedly very comfortable beaded pokeball bra is available […]