A MARVEL-ous Skirt [pic]

One of the things I find most rewarding about blogging on Global Geek News is being able to share the really cool and super geeky things I come across with people that will appreciate them.  However, what I really love is when people share the really cool and super geeky things they make with me!

This skirt was brought to my attention when Etsy seller Kimi e-mailed me about her Etsy store where she sells geeky skirts like this ranging from Star Wars to Batman.  The best part is that the geeky aspects of the skirts tend to be very subtle so they are appropriate for wearing to the office or a con.

Anyway, I think my favorite dress that Kimi is selling is this awesome Marvel skirt which features the covers of a bunch of Marvel comics.  She is selling this for $65 so if you are a female Marvel fan, I suggest you check it out!  If you like it, check out the rest of her store too!

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Marvel Skirt
Marvel Comics Skirt

[Source:  Etsy]






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