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  • Kids React to the Game Boy, call it junk

    Kids React to the Game Boy, call it junk

    After turning 27 last week, the last thing I really wanted to see was something that would make me feel really old but since those around me insist on making me feel that way anyway, I figured I might as well watch this video of some kids reacting to Nintendo’s classic handheld, the Game Boy. […]

  • Old School Tetris Necklace [pic]

    One of my favorite games growing up was Tetris.  While I don’t play it much these days, it is still one of my all time favorite games.  As a kid, I used to be damn good at it.  I would never have a game where I would have less than 200 lines.  I believe my […]

  • This Retro Video Games Cake Will Make Your Week [pics]

    Did you grow up on classic video games like Donkey Kong, Frogger, Tetris, Pac-Man and Pong like I did?  Then you are going to love this retro video games cake that includes all of those plus a joystick an buttons just like games at เกมคาสิโนสดใหม่ล่าสุดในไทย! I feel bad for the kids of today because very […]

  • This 8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath is Perfect for Any Gamer [pic]

    It is traditional for most families to have some sort of Christmas wreath hanging on their front door during the holiday season.  While I usually enjoy seeing wreaths that are entirely Christmas focused, I would much rather prefer to see people hang geeky Christmas wreaths. A couple of years ago, I posted I super geeky […]

  • Tetris Condoms Seem Clever Until You Think About It [pic]

    One of the things I find addicting about Tetris is that you are always setting yourself up so that when that piece you want comes along, it will be a perfect fit and complete the row that you are working on.  Well, apparently the condom maker One thought that this idea would be a clever […]

  • Animated Tetris Alarm Clock [pic]

    I stopped using an alarm clock years ago since my phone has that functionality built in and it works just as well as an alarm clock (except it can’t wake me up to FM radio like my old clock radio used to).  However, this animated Tetris alarm clock could easily convince me to go back […]