Tetris Condoms Seem Clever Until You Think About It [pic]

One of the things I find addicting about Tetris is that you are always setting yourself up so that when that piece you want comes along, it will be a perfect fit and complete the row that you are working on.  Well, apparently the condom maker One thought that this idea would be a clever idea for a condom.

I can certainly see what they were thinking as far as the “perfect fit” idea, but apparently they don’t play much Tetris because if they did, they would know that once you put that last perfectly fit piece in place, the lines go away.  Is that really the message you want to send with your condoms that when applied, it will go away and leave you with no protection?  Sounds like a poorly thought out idea to me!

If you are going to go with a geeky condom, I would say stick with the “I will not be your father” Darth Vader condoms.

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One Perfect Fit Tetris Condom
Tetris Condom

[Source:  Reddit via Geeks are Sexy]






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