Handmade Tetris Quilt [pic]

It may feel like winter is never going to get here but it is only a few months away and that means you will soon need a blanket of some kind to keep you warm (unless you like having a huge heating bill).  Well, I have found the Tetris quilt that will keep any gamer toasty warm and put a smile on their face!

Etsy seller quiltyninja is selling this awesome handmade, twin-sized Tetris quilt for $190.  That price seems a bit steep but if I didn’t already have way more blankets than I can use, I would be willing to pay it for a Tetris quilt!  However perhaps the coolest part is that you can personalize it with a special message on the label which would work great if you are giving this Tetris quilt as a gift to somebody.

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Twin Sized Tetris Quilt
Handmade Tetris Quilt

[Source:  Etsy]

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