Reaper Cosplay from inFAMOUS [pic]

One of my favorite PlayStation 3 games has to be inFAMOUS.  Its a great game and there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you just go around blowing stuff up.  Well, apparently the game has finally inspired some great cosplay!

DeviantART user Androgynous Monster is the cosplayer in this picture sporting some pretty good looking Reaper cosplay from inFAMOUS (the photograph was taken by fellow DeviantART user LadyMaxwell).  This cosplay is so good you almost want to shoot some electricity at him!  Hopefully this isn’t the last inFAMOUS cosplay we see because I think the game is definitely worthy of some good cosplay!

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inFAMOUS Reaper Cosplay
inFAMOUS Reaper Cosplay

[via Cosplay Blog]



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