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  • Reaper Cosplay from inFAMOUS [pic]

    One of my favorite PlayStation 3 games has to be inFAMOUS.  Its a great game and there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you just go around blowing stuff up.  Well, apparently the game has finally inspired some great cosplay! DeviantART user Androgynous Monster is the cosplayer in this picture sporting some […]

  • Amazing Assassin’s Creed PlayStation 3 Console Mod [pic]

    Whenever I see an amazing console mod it makes me absolutely giddy.  I may not have the skills required to do any modding behind putting a custom faceplate on my PSP, but I can always dream of owning one of the amazing console mods that I stumble across.  In this case, I would kill to […]

  • Playstation 3 birthday cake [pic]

    On today’s edition of geeky cakes, we have a pretty cool looking Playstation 3 cake, complete with edible controller!  Whoever made this awesome birthday cake did a great job of showing just how shiny the PS3 is.  I have never eaten a cake that is shiny before so I am kind of curious how this […]

  • Sony, the evil PS3 police [cartoon]

    I’ve long been outspoken about the idiotic lengths that Sony goes to in attempt to keep people from using Playstation systems how they want but apparently some cartoonist decided to take this to the next level.  The cartoon below shows just how crazy Sony has become and pokes fun at the insanely long update times […]

  • Video of games on the Sony NGP (PSP2) [video]

    Yesterday morning, Sony announced the next generation PSP with the codename NGP.  Most people are calling it the PSP2 but there is no indication that the new portable gaming device will end up with that name when it comes out by the end of the year.  One audience member at the press conference got about […]

  • Grand Turismo 5 graphics as good as real life

    Have you ever stopped to think about how far video game graphics have come?  From Pong to Crysis, we have come a long way when it comes to graphics in video games.  I have often set an wondered how much longer it will be before we can’t tell the difference between a video game and […]